Pansy Garden Club
Ardmore, OK



Club Aim

To stimulate interest among amateur gardeners, to plant shrubs and trees, encourage birds to live with us, help maintain the Blue Star Memorial, also to support the Garden Council in all of their projects

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country, its soil and mineral, its forests, water and wildlife.


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1. Each member will participate in the Annual Garden Council Projects and in the Christmas Village Food Festival.

2. Each member will grow at least one new plant in the garden or home and study one good book on gardening or flower arrangement.

3. Each member will study to become more aware of the world around us including unwise use of insecticides and pesticides, and pollution.

4. Each member will learn about and appreciate the butterflies and birds in our area. 

State Creed

Dear Father of all sower’s reapers, grant that we meet each time in the spirit of kindness, fellowship and brotherly love. Let our words be sincere, our vision wide, and our aim unified. May we lose self in love of beauty, service and sharing. Let us give sincere praise for honest effort, reward, accomplishments and serve with an open mind, ever ready to seek the best. Endow every gardener with the power to read and understand Thy lessons taught in Nature’s book. Invest each with a smile and a kind word, friendliness and good will. Bequeath us, O Lord, with the will to think, decide, act and achieve. And, O Lord, let not one in this group forget this creator. We know Thou Art God. 

Mrs. E.E. Halley, Edmond, OK